Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bye Bye Scolari..

Finally the big boss-Abramovich decided to take action.

Duly famous question has been asked for Scolari. What could do the manager who transfers from National team to club team? He could not do it!! He could not win against any rivals in the premier league. He ruined the unbeaten-in home- tradition. He lost 2 games against Liverpool. 14 win, 7 draw and 4 defeat in 25 games. In a word Brazilian has been fired. I expected he could withstand until first game in European Championship League. I was wrong.. Actually Chealse board did not expect like 0-0 result against Hull City.

I think Abramovich’s decision mostly excited Fenerbahce. I guess these days Fenerbahce board is very impatient to convince Scolari to sign up for contract.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Best 11 of Fifa 2008

According to result of Fifa 2008 voting on the internet,this 11 named the best of 2008.I wont ask 'Football is only playing in europe?' Unfortunately it seems like that.There is nothing to say for 9 players except Puyol and Lahm. Instead of them Ferdinand and Zhirkov can be easily replaced.

Gravesen!! No Comment!!

I will always remember him with this photo.He beat Robinho up extremely lustfully.After this he left Real Madrid immediately.Thomas Gravesen finally retired.He is 33 now.'I played in Europe -4 different countries for 12 years in major teams and this is already enough' said Danish.First Hamburg after Everton which he had his shiniest days in career. Finally joined to Real Madrid to replace Makaleles significant absence which Real Madrid is still not able to fix.Collapsing had started there for Gravesen.Afterwards Celtic hired him and then he joined to Everton which made him king in his career in advance.Only difference joining to Everton this time was; he hit the rock bottom.This was final destination for Danish and he announced his retirement .

Arshavin Joined To Arsenal

Happy ending in Arsen Wengers platonic love. Ultimately Arshavin transferred to Arsenal.Zenit resisted strongly against this transfer but in the football industry,players say the last word.Arsenal had to pay 15 million pounds because of Zenit's stubborness which maintained until last minute.Will he be successfull in a squad which includes Fabregas and Rosicky?This is argumentative but definitely clear thing is he is going to be a legand if one day Arsenal releases Rosicky and Fabregas.
Today, the Arsenal website teaches us two things about Andrei Arshavin. Firstly, we learn that his name is actually Andrey Arshavin. Secondly, we are told he is a “very special talent”. Russian television viewers, however, are already aware of just how talented he is.